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Total Knee Replacement
Arthroscopy is surgical procedure, which is used to diagnose and treat problems within the joint. A small fiberoptic arthroscope is inserted into a joint through a small incision (surgical cut) in the skin. The fiberoptic arthroscope is approximately 5 mm in diameter consists of a small camera mounted at the tip of a narrow tube with a light source. The arthroscopic procedure can be viewed on a monitor by the operating team. The patient is put into local or general anesthesia. During the surgical procedure which is of about 30 minutes to an hour, the patient faces less risk and gets best result after the surgery. 

The arthroscopic surgery can help to identify the damaged tissue present in the bones. The most common type of arthroscopic surgery include removal of loose debris, trimming of damaged cartilage, removal or repair of a torn meniscus, and ligament reconstruction.

Arthroscopy is used to

  • in the diagnosis and treatment of many noninflammatory, inflammatory, and infectious types of arthritis
  • to identify the location of the loose bodies and the spurs
  • diagnose problems inside of a joint (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle)
  • remove bone or cartilage
  • repair tendons or ligaments 

We provide arthroscopy for patient of sports injuries. Athroscopy facilities are available for injuries of :


Athroscopy of the knee injuries ;

ACL, PCL reconstruction
Memiscal tears

Athroscopy of the shoulder injuries as well as for Chronic Instability of the shoulder (recurrent Shoulder Dislocation) is provided by Dr.S.N.Soni in Chanddni Hospital.
Elbow ,Ankle and Hip injuries between the replacement of both knees.

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