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Total Knee Replacement
  Image Guide Surgery

At Chanddni Hospital, we use latest technology , Allengers U5u ultrahigh Frequency generator C-Arm Image Intensifier, for surgeries.

All long bone fractures are treated using the C arm
All major surgeries are performed through a small hole, ensuring speedy recovery of the patient.
Fractures around a joint are also treated to get accurate alignment of the joint.

Features and Benefits of 3-D Image Guided Orthopaedic solution:

• Comprehensive information source
• Navigate instantly with preparation time
• Immediate intra-operative anatomical feedback
• Computer calculated anatomical axis
• Decreased radiation (fewer x-rays)
• More reliable than manual calculation 
• Real time alignment information for surgical tools
• Know instantly if implants are in proper alignment
• Pre-define optimal implant size, type and position to increase treatment accuracy
• Improved surgical accuracy
• Reduced complications and increased safety
• Reduce the risk of revision surgeries by placing implant correctly for the first time
• It optimizes the patient’s quality of life as it reduces the incision and is more precise
• The system is time and cost effective solution

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